Mu Online Updates 29.December

Mu Online fixes at 29. December

NoReset server updates: Server experience have been chnaged to x9999, now it is fun style no reset Mu Online server!!!

Other updates on both servers:

Fixed Conqueror Mix sometimes giving 0 Excellent options
Fixed Doppel Ganger Renewal event issues
Fixed Paralyze skill functionality
Fixed Bastion skill behavior
Fixed improperly distributed Mastery Reward on Chaos Castle and Devil Square events
Improved randomity of excellent options count and type drawn
Fixed Summoner Tome Master skill not working fully
Fixed not working Effect Value attribute for all levels of Resistance Errtel
Fixed Pentagram Drop
Fixed Pentagram Level / Rank upgrade vulnaribility


Mu Online Updates 29.December

Battle MuOnline NoReset 19. November

Battle MuOnline is comming with new No Reset server for true mu gamers!
Server grand opening 19. November!

18.00  UTC +2 (Poland/Latvia/Ukraine)
 23.00 UTC +8 (Philippines/Malaysia)
12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina/Canada)

Searching for quality Hard NON Reset server that will last for years, like old battlemu x9999 (7 years online)
Join us at 19. November for grand opening! MuOnline
Season 10 Episode 3!
New season features, new character grow lancer!

Experience: 10x
Master Exp: 5x
Max level: 400
Max Master LVL: 400
Soul +luck= 90 succes rate
Soul without luck= 70 succes rate
Life =70% +16 option max

No webshop, only ingame found items
Xshop: Enabled
Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins Enabled in Devias! On /offtrade command
Small spots: 4 mobs on spots all map till icarus! Rest maps global style!
Archangel items: Reward in Blood Castle 10% Chance on Exc AA item
Sockets + Excelent = Disabled
Goblin points= 1 point for 1 hour at mu online!
PVP= Default mu online style
PVE= Default mu online style
Post: 100lvl 50k zen



Battle MuOnline NoReset 19. November

Battle MuOnline updates v3


New muonline items in cash shop muun pets, rings, and other
Fixed stunn buffs issue on AntiHack system

Harsh Strike and Magic Pin fixed
Fixed Imperial Guardian Gates
Fixed Shining Peak Attack range
Fixed Elixirs not showing name

New mu online patch required to download! Run Play BattleMu.exe to receive last update!



Battle MuOnline updates v3

Battlemu MuOnline x9999

Server Online, run launcher to get latest update and play! Season 10 Episode 3
    Exp: 9999x
    mExp: 9999x
    Points per level : 7
    Shops: Items +15+luck, Wings 1lvl, Jewels, Pets, All skills!
    Kundum Spots and devias exit!
    Rewards: Vote and grand resets!
    High exp drop!
    Box of kundun drops all maps randomly from mobs!

Mu Online Server is based on maxium expierence rate with super high best item drop to provide best  PVP & Guild War action as fast as posible after new players starts to play. 
For 1lvl you will get 7 points, for each class to reach maximum 32765 stats as soon as possible.
At shops has items for easy start, best start gear for each class, as well as all wings, jewels and pets!
Start your battle now with best maximum style mu online server from 2010!

Battlemu MuOnline x9999
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